June 24, 2022

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Despite the heavy publicity the scandal has already received, Corrine Sutej, one of Fortress’ victims, says it’s important that Canadians aren’t allowed to forget the company’s transgressions, or who suffered at its hands.

“The victims were hard working, everyday Canadians who invested in what they thought was a safe investment,” Sutej told Mortgage Broker News. “If white collar crime happened to these people, it can happen to anyone. I hope other investors come forward after seeing the documentary, so they know they’re not alone.”

Sutej said the documentary will serve two other important functions: further exposing the principals of Fortress, Jawad Rathore and Vince Petrozza, and their inner circle; and highlighting the actions of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, who she said “failed miserably” in its duties to protect the province’s consumers from what many believe was the largest mortgage fraud in Canadian history.
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One of Canada's most outrageous mortgage scandals to be focus of new documentary

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