October 03, 2022

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"I hope this is a record I hold for a very short period of time, and can't wait to cheer on whoever holds it next."

She was told her idea was "too niche".
She was told it would make a good "lifestyle business".
She was dismissed by investors who didn't want to be "the last money in before she goes and has twins".

And yet...

Knix became one of the fastest growing companies in Canada
She raised a US $53M Series B while pregnant with twin girls
She grew the company to almost 200 employees

She just sold the business for $320M, making it the largest exit by a female founder in Canadian history.

"Turns out it pays off to back a 'niche' business being run by a mom."

Joanna Griffiths, you are a true inspiration 👏 Congrats on this milestone and thank you for paving the way.

#femalefounders #femaleleaders

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