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Mar 2, 2022
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As a director of FAIR Canada for many years, I’m pleased to share our new improved logo, branding and website. We on the board call it FAIR 2.0, since we’re hoping to raise our profile with mainstream investors across Canada, making them aware of their rights and how to exercise them. Please take a look at the makeover and tell us what you think. #investorrights #faircanada #consumeradvocacy

Over the past year, FAIR Canada has been working hard to improve its engagement with investors. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new investor-focused website. Our revamped website enhances our investor communications and provides resources to empower investors in knowing their rights. The new and improved website strengthens FAIR Canada’s ongoing channels for advocacy and its reputation for advancing the interests of retail investors and financial consumers.
As Canada’s independent, investor advocate, we’re happy to continue supporting issues that have an impact on investor protections and provide resources that can help in their investment journey. We invite you to explore our new website at FAIRCanada.ca and let us know what you think!

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