February 07, 2023

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FAIR Canada recently released it's first investor survey, revealing many interesting findings:

• 80% of investors surveyed started investing before age 35 
• 52% of investors have only CPP/QPP to fall back on, whereas only 31% have another pension to supplement the CCP/QPP.
• The majority of investors (77%) use an advisor, while 20% do not. 
• When investing, 44% worry about being taken advantage of.

There is still a lot of work to be done to support the financial well-being and security of Canadians. We are only scratching the surface.

• We need to make discussing money mainstream.
• We need to raise the quality of financial education.
• We need to raise the bar for financial advise.

Thank you JP Bureaud for coming on Strictly Money and for the work you, your team and so many others in the industry are doing to help Canadians prosper.

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