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Apr 22, 2021
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Leveraged investing is high risk, and often toxic. #GlobalMaxfinCapital tried to stop this practice by their salespeople, but #BonnieWyatt was not deterred. She facilitated leverage investments strategy, and falsified KYC forms, and falsified her annual Attestation Forms which hid her breaches. Despite admitting breaches, IIROC did not even require her to return the additional fees she earned to her victims, despite the obvious, but unsanctioned, conflict of interest in arranging the leveraged scheme. Another light touch by a regulator that is failing to recognize the harm done to Canadians by advisors. IIROC's enforcement arm and panels get failing grades when compared to MFDA's work. #IIROC #MFDA #CSA #OSC #ASC #BCSC #time4change