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Apr 3, 2021
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“We are at inflection point between infections and injections. Many people are dying to get vaccinated, while others would sooner die than be vaccinated,” says Toronto Star columnist Martin Regg Cohn.

“Such is the vax paradox that we have been blessed with several vaccines that can save us from the ravages of COVID-19, yet we lack the collective wisdom to protect society at large by vaccinating everyone — or at least enough people to confer herd immunity (some estimates are at least 80 per cent). Until then, those vaccine-hesitant health workers who pledge to do no harm are harming others.”

I agree with Martin Regg Cohn 100 percent. Employers might want to ponder this line: "No one can force a needle into a worker without consent. Why then would an unvaccinated employee force themself upon someone who hadn’t given informed consent to the interaction?" Let the HR lawsuits begin. #vaccines #COVID19

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