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Apr. 13, 2020
Published on: HPAC Engineering
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Now Is The Time to Expand Your Industry Skill Set, Online

By DEVYN BARRIESpecial to HPAC Engineering

This spring, the unprecedented COVID-19 situation across North America has
many of us spending a lot more time indoors. If you’re finding yourself
with some extra time these days and would like to invest it in advancing
your knowledge -- and career! -- then here are some online learning
opportunities that may be of interest.


The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning may be
best-known for educational sessions held at chapter meetings across the
continent, but they also have a broad lineup of online learning
opportunities. There are numerous short courses held online that you can
attend, typically for a fee of $229 for ASHRAE members.

For free learning, ASHRAE has recently added a course on Reducing Infectious Disease Transmission with UVGI, which is directly relevant to the ongoing pandemic. You can also watch one of two currently available Tech Hours, which are each worth one professional development hour and provide a certificate at the end.


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers similarly has many online opportunities available. A list of free or discounted courses from ASME are available here.


The National Society of Professional Engineers has compiled a list
of 15 free courses that members can take to get PDHs. Students should
take note that they can become NSPE members for free if they are
studying in a qualified program. (More info on NSPE membership here.)

Around the Web

These links will take you to other training pages of potential interest around the web:

·      Trane continuing education for HVAC professionals;

·       Greenheck Fan Fundamentals;

·       Mechanical Contractors Association of America resources;

·       Associated General Contractors of America training page;

· (accredited provider of low-cost PDH training);

· (accredited provider of low-cost PDH training);

· (for those wishing to expand their skills in coding);

(a website with all kinds of different courses. Get free access either
through a one-month trial or even potentially through your local
public library);

·       Harvard University — free online courses;

·       edX
— a collaboration of universities from around the world with a broad
offering of free courses in many disciplines, including engineering,
leadership for engineers and sustainable energy.


The author is an HVAC writer in Ottawa and holds a journalism degree from Algonquin College. Contact him at