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Feb 6, 2019
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We the Explorers

© Darlene Reilley 2019

Asteroids tumble through space and time

and may hold answers we seek to find:

who are we? where do we come from? where are we going?

From Earth we look up

into the vastness of space

and wonder can we step away

from this solitary home?

Dreamers strive to reach stars

Explorers seek to touch Bennu

which may hold answers

to the origin of life.

Practically we may be able to

explore natural near-Earth resources

and to learn what can

to help the people of tomorrow

mitigate hazardous impacts

We seek to know

facts about the fundamentals of life

it is our honor to seek soul-stirring questions.

It is our duty to do what we can

to help the people of tomorrow

so that humanity may live longer than two more centuries.

A poem I wrote for the NASA OSIRIS-Rex Challenge
When the retrieval mission returns, my poem will be included in the time capsule.

We the Explorers

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