Craig Payne

University lecturer, runner, researcher, skeptic, woo basher, clinician

Sep 2, 2017
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Periodically when I get bored and need a break from what I am doing I often do one of several things. I could go over to and read the 1-star reviews on books (it can be quite funny, especially if the book has it fan boys and seeing them attack the 1-star reviews with the whole gambit of logical and reasoning fallacies) or I could go and troll to bash some woo or I may sometimes head over to Google Trends and type in some keywords to see what is happening to the search engine popularity of those terms over time. Today, I headed over to Google Trends. I will just leave this here:

As the sales of minimalist running shoes have been languishing at around 0.3-0.5% of the run specialty market for a while now and with the above graph on what people are looking for in Google, runners have voted with their feet.

As always, I go where the evidence takes me until convinced otherwise ….