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Aug 17, 2017
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Not a lot of science in this post. This is a promotional one for a product I like.

The Archies are a one piece flip flop (that we call ‘thongs’ in Australia). They were designed by a physiotherapist here in Australia and they are selling well. The amount of arch support that is built into these Archies is about the same as what you get in an over-the-counter or prefabricated foot orthotic. We sell them in our clinic in Croydon and think we are the largest stockist of Archies in Melbourne. One thing we noticed about these is that in our clinic, pretty much everyone who tries on a pair buys them – they are that good and comfortable.

I have been known to respond to question on these Archies in forums (eg here and here). I also have a particular modification that I like to make to them in those with a higher supination resistance or more medial subtalar joint axis. The modification is similar to the MOSI foot orthotic design. I even did a video describing on it here:

There Archies are going to prove to useful for those runners who like these types of footwear to use as recovery footwear.