December 17, 2006

Article at Chris on Authory

Saville identifies Hawks' problems

Wollongong Hawks veteran Glen Saville has no trouble identifying what his team is doing wrong, but doesn’t have any answers to quickly remedy it.

The future of coach Brendan Joyce has been up in the air since last Monday and it was tough for the Hawks players to know what was happening as they headed to a hostile environment in Perth.

“It has snowballed from all our other games with inconsistent defence, rebounding; turning the ball over to give up easy baskets and our overall effort and intensity is not there. That’s the fifth game in-a-row that that has been there,” said Saville.

“When you’re taking phone calls from friends and family to find out what’s going on it affects you. We weren’t sure whether Brendan was going to show up to train or to the game,” he said.

Joyce and his team head home to Wollongong to face an uncertain future. What they do know is they have a game against Adelaide on Wednesday night and the coach is confident he still has the support of the players.

“I haven’t lost the players at all. It’s tough for the players right now, but I don’t believe I’ve lost them,” said Joyce..

“We’ve got a home game against Adelaide, if we get a win we will have the split over one of the teams vying for the eight with us.

“We’ve got control of our destiny still and it’s a tough situation with a young group, but it’s just a matter of us playing consistent basketball with five players on the floor.”

Joyce himself is solely focusing on their next game and not entering into the debate of his position with the club he has been with for 12-years.

“It’s a matter of being professional and I was really disappointed with the outcome as I expected us to play well, regroup and tough it out. All I can do is focus on what I can control.”

Cortez Groves had a horror night; Matt Campbell had a similarly bad night last Sunday against Singapore and the experienced starting five is where the lift needs to come, according to Joyce.

“Our first five have been together for a couple of years now and my expectations are that we have to go out and deliver consistently. We’re not doing that and there’s no excuse for that, despite how tough things get,” he said.

Wildcats coach Scott Fisher made sure his team took advantage of the Hawks problems, which were clearly evident from tip-off.

“Their team is going through some problems and you can tell by their body language and they don’t really seem to be talking to each other,” said Fisher.

“Last year we had moments like that and it’s not a fun situation and it can definitely be exploited if you come out with a lot of energy and we did that. I’ve never seen Cortez Groves play like that and he looked like a deer caught in the headlights.”

The club and coach are excited by the signing of Damien Ryan and he is likely to line-up for his first Wildcats game next Saturday night against Sydney.

“Damien will be a great addition to this team,” he said.

“We knew He’s been training with New Zealand for four weeks and they were keen to get him, but maybe our win over them sealed it for us. I’m excited about what he can bring, but if he brings nothing this team is still playing good basketball.”