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Dec 14, 2021
Published on: GiveWP
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The right tools can make fundraising a lot more manageable. GiveWP includes a Zapier add-on that can automate a variety of tasks and processes from your website to connecting with donors.

Zapier allows you to create “zaps” that connect digital tools (or the internet of things), such as inserting a donor from your database into a CRM or automatically posting something to social media or generating an email.

By learning how to maximize the potential of these tools, you can make fundraising a lot easier and streamline manual processes. Here are 10 ways you can integrate Zapier with GiveWP today.

1. Post to Social Media

When you publish a new campaign page or blog post to your website, Zapier can take some of the manual work out of posting information to popular social channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also set up your zaps so that when a donor gives, you share a post to social media.

You can connect your WordPress website to these popular social media sites with a zap and direct what action will happen between the two. There are templates already in Zapier for this type of action as well, making setup quick and easy.

2. Link to Text Messaging

Consider linking Zapier to an SMS app such as Attentive to generate engagement via text messaging. Generating a text list can be a great way to engage with potential donors in an instant for on-the-fly giving and flash campaigns.

The zap can encourage new donors to sign up for text messaging when they make their first gift so that you don’t have to send manual emails or reminders. Another option? Consider an immediate thank you for donors via text. (That way you know the appreciation won’t get lost in their inbox.)

3. Create Calendar Reminders

Design a zap that connects your calendar to other apps – from your website to CRM – to generate reminders and events that will keep fundraising campaigns running smoothly.

Zaps work with popular calendar tools including Google, Microsoft, and even CRM calendars and scheduling tools such as Calendly. Supercharge the power of these integrations by linking them to your website, allowing potential donors to schedule a chat with you online that links right to your calendar.

4. Send an Email

Zapier links to native email tools such as Gmail to help automate fundraising reminders or notifications as well as email newsletter tools such as Mailchimp (which also integrates with GiveWP).

Consider these zaps to supercharge your fundraising workflow:

  • Post new Mailchimp campaigns to your WordPress website
  • Share Mailchimp campaigns on social media channels such as LinkedIn
  • Add new Mailchimp subscribers to your CRM
  • Automatically subscribe people who donate via PayPal to Mailchimp
  • Send new subscribers an email

5. Build a Spreadsheet

Information entered in your website forms can be downloaded to off-network spreadsheets such as Google Sheets or CSV files that can be saved in a shared location such as Dropbox.

When looking for this type of zap, consider what tools you already use what data would be beneficial to have in another location.

You can also build an Airtable through Zapier and GiveWP that gives you in-depth insight into your donors’ activities and behaviors.

6. Connect with a CRM

No matter what CRM you are using to manage donors, you can likely connect it using zaps to ensure that everyone who interacts with you online gets entered into your customer management system.

You can link spreadsheets to your CRM and vice versa and ensure that form submissions and contacts also create new, or updated, user profiles in your systems. Linking these elements will ensure that you can keep track of everyone who has donated or is a potential donor in one database.

7. Generate a Project Management Workflow

Link project management or communication tools with zaps to automate parts of workflows and keep your nonprofit team running smoothly. There are zaps for Slack, Asana, Trello, and a variety of other tools that can generate reminders, messages, or help push tasks from one step to the next.

One popular option? You can connect Asana to your Google Calendar so that tasks create events right in your calendar. This is a great way to keep trac of fundraising deadlines or milestones across your team.

8. Create More Complex Actions via API

Get your developer involved and imagine possibilities. Zapier can connect webhooks and API opportunities between fundraising tools. While this is a more complex example of how to connect zaps for your benefit, the payoff can be worth the effort.

Zapier has more than 150 developer tools that can extend the functionality of your internet fundraising opportunity.

9. Set an Online Meeting

In a time when many fundraising activities are being conducted online – from campaign kickoffs to online programs to virtual events or webinars – zaps can help you maximize online meetings.

Consider these fundraising options:

  • Add GoToMeeting events directly to a Google Calendar
  • Send Slack reminders for new Webex meetings
  • Create Zoom meetings for Calendly events
  • Create a registration to Zoom from an Eventbrite signup
  • Confirm webinar or online event registration via text message

10. Automate a Handwritten Thank You

Like most other zaps that require a combination of apps, automating a handwritten note works in much the same way. By connecting Handwrytten to your donations and Zapier, you can automate the process of sending a thank you with a personal touch to donors.

Connecting is easy. Read through the tutorial here.

Fundraising Made Easy

Find all of the tool mentioned above and even templates from other users to connect Zapier in a proven manner. Everything is available from Zapier here. (Note some zaps require a premium plan.)

Zapier isn’t the only tool that can help you automate fundraising tasks, but it is included in all of the GiveWP pricing plan options.

Learn more about all the add-ons available and which plan might be best for your nonprofit needs.