June 13, 2022

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So Here’s What Happened in April & May – Episode #33

SHWH Podcast May 2022 - But Why Tho

So Here’s What Happened! Podcast, took a wee bit of a break and missed April, but we’re back! In this new episode of the podcast, Carolyn and LaNeysha share their thoughts on what they read and watched during the months of April and May 2022. For Carolyn, she read the new dramatic novel The Evening Hero, and LaNesha’s read the exciting WebToon, Morgana and Oz.

For her book review for April and May 2022, Carolyn speaks a bit about The Evening Hero, a beautiful novelization by author Marie Myung-Ok Lee about the disorienting and destructive effects and toll being an immigrant can take on people when they’re forced to leave their homes – within and without their native country. Told through the fictional experience of Dr. Youngman Kwak an OBGYN whose life was blown apart during the Korean War when American military forces wreaked havoc on the Korean peninsula, for ever reshaping the country, her people and their descendants forever.

In The Evening Hero, Lee does a fantastic job of dissecting how the American brand of capitalism has created a situation where the lives of its citizens are weighed against profit, and found wanting. Through the weaving of past and present and Youngman’s confused fascination with small town American life, she shows how immigration, healthcare, technology, cultural and personal identity can be all intertwined, like the roots of ginseng plant.

Morgana and Oz is romantic fantasy written and illustrate by Miyuli. What happens when a struggling witch meets an angsty vampire? Either love or war. Morgana belongs to a long line of witches, and Oz to the rival vampire clan. After a chance encounter… and maybe a few stray spells… these two need to find a way to work together, or risk all-out war between coven and clan.

In the March episode, Carolyn spoke a bit about her struggle with reading due to Mild Cognitive Impairment, and for her TV show recommendation, she spoke about the AppleTV+ miniseries The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey. Created for the screen by Walter Mosely, and based on his novel of the same name, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey follows 91 year-old Ptolemy who does everything he can to fight the progression of the dementia stealing his memories and sense of self. With the help of 18 year-old Robin (Dominique Fishback), Ptolemy uses the brief moments of lucidity he has, to right past wrongs and find the person who murdered his beloved nephew and caretaker Reggie (Omar Benson Miller).

Set in March 1986, nine months after events of the third season of Stranger Things, the fourth season is split between three main plotlines. The first plotline takes place in Hawkins and features Dustin, Max, Erica, Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Lucas. Several teenagers are killed in mysterious ways.

Back for it’s third season of groundbreaking animation in May 2022, Netflix’s series Love, Death & Robots, presents the episode Jibaro by award wining director by Alberto Mielgo, and co-writer Tim Miller. In this visually stunning and captivating tale, a siren’s song fails to work on deaf knight Jibaro (Girvan “Swirv” Bramble), and the Golden Woman (Sarah Silkin) becomes fascinated by him.

Dr. Stephen Strange casts a forbidden spell that opens a portal to the multiverse. However, a threat emerges that may be too big for his team to handle. In the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) travel through universes and find themselves facing off against threat great enough to destroy the entire multiverse as they know it.

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