January 05, 2023

Article at Brian Covert on Authory

Welcome, Readers, to the Family

Brian Covert

KAWANISHI, Japan — Let me kick off the New Year in 2023 with a hearty welcome to readers of my LifeTimes website and beyond, and welcome you to my newest extended family on the Web — the Authory.com family.

Authory is a place where journalists, writers, authors and others from around the world gather together to present their wares and widen their audience reach on the Web. Take a few minutes to look around at some of the other media professionals who call Authory home as well: I think you’ll agree with me that there are some journalists based here with impressive credentials in the form of substantive stories and hard-hitting articles they have published at other media sites.

Some of these journalists here on Authory, like me, work independently in the field; others are what a Japanese broadcast media colleague of mine here in Japan calls “dependent journalists” — that is, dependent on a big media corporation for their bread and butter. (“Plantation,” I believe the word is.)

But whoever they are and whoever they work for, the journalists and other wordsmiths based here on Authory share one thing in common: We’re not selling you something. Rather, we are sharing with you something: the product of our labors as communicators of the facts and hopefully the truth — our news, our views and our timely look at the world around us. Truth conveyors, not purveyors, as I like to think of them.

My current media home base, LifeTimes, continues to thrive and will be around for the long-term future. We thank all those who have supported us for more than 15 years of existence. So, what does Authory offer now? It offers a place not only to archive my work on LifeTimes and from other corners of the Internet, but also to widen my readership and broaden the scope of my writings even farther afield. And of course, Authory is also the perfect place to share any other announcements or postings that aren’t quite suited to my main website.

It is exciting to be a part of this new extended family of other journalists, writers, and authors here on Authory who are dedicated to their craft and want to share some of it with an interested audience. The good folks here at Authory, for their part, are to be commended for providing the safe, secure and strongly supportive environment for this to happen.

So, readers, welcome in the new year to my ever-growing, extended family of like-minded souls in the media biz. They can now be your family too.