December 20, 2021

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[Video] Speaking for the Trees: Equitable Greenery in Boston

Condor Street Urban Wild, East Boston (Photo Credit: Brandon Hill).

Boston exists at a sensitive intersection for the rising concerns posed by climate change. It has become increasingly unlikely that the world will be able to stay under the target of 1.5°C of global warming. The conversation about preparing for the effects needs to include not just prevention, but mitigation. As temperatures increase and sea levels rise, many of the communities most at risk are neither the communities responsible for factors contributing to climate change nor profiting from it. A particularly segregated city, and existing partially on filled-in marshlands, Boston needs a plan to prepare with the risk that climate change poses to its people and infrastructure — especially in already underserved areas lacking the vital resources. By the Degree is a project by Emerson College graduate journalism students to take a look at the organizations and city plans that are working to ensure that Boston's climate readiness looks equitable for all of its communities.

Trailer video edited by Brandon Hill.

Speaking for the Trees: Equitable Greenery edited and produced by Brandon Hill and Aiden FitzGerald.

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