January 09, 2021

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Hilpan Moxie + HiddenLevers: More Than Portfolio Management

After spending 15 years in the financial services industry, Don Hilario, Founder of Hilpan Moxie, was more than familiar with the importance of the client-advisor relationship.

When he decided to start his own practice, his top priority was to enhance the advisor-client relationship, especially during his periodic review process. In order to facilitate greater client engagement, Don felt that he needed to proactively include them in the decision making process. This meant creating meaningful discourse that went above and beyond the client’s needs/wants/goals of a financial plan. When Hilario saw how HiddenLevers brought portfolios to life through interactive and vibrant visuals, he knew this was the game changer to help “level up” his practice.

“HiddenLevers process of risk analysis allows me to present complex stress testing scenarios with refreshing simplicity. For example, how the 2020 Presidential Election can impact a client’s portfolio can be presented easily (i.e. the Good, the Bad, and Ugly) and more importantly, we as advisors, can continue empowering client-education and have greater collaboration.” said Don.

Impressing Sophisticated Clientele

Since 2008, the majority of Hilario’s book of business has consisted of Big Tech employees ranging from tenured software engineers, product specialists, and managing directors. Don’s niche clients are between 30 -50 with exceptional backgrounds in quantitative mathematics.

While a risk score to justify a recommendation or general “just stay the course” advice might work for some clients, HiddenLevers scenario modelling allow Don to go deeper in analysis. Finally, HiddenLevers has found a way to help clients visualize and appreciate how portfolio metrics and quantitative finance mean to them. “Before HiddenLevers, coefficient of variation was scribbled on my notes never to be seen by the client, now it’s one of many ways we can engage and ask better questions.” said Don.

Hilario’s niche clients want to be involved and in doing so, we use HiddenLevers together to tackle specific inquiries about their portfolio’s allocation, whether the risk analysis is timely, and what (if any) are the recommended actions item(s) for now.

“It’s not what I know that matters, rather it’s dialing in on how my clients genuinely feel throughout the client-advisory experience, that their questions/concerns are proactively addressed in the most responsive and fiduciary representation possible. HiddenLevers’ analytics played a large role in helping me accomplish that”, said Don.

Hilpan Moxie Experiences Increase in Revenue

When COVID began to wreak havoc on the markets back in February, many advisors experienced a lack of growth and prospecting involuntarily slowed down.

But the exact opposite happened for Hilpan Moxie. Since becoming a HiddenLevers user 6 months ago, Hilario saw a 50% increase in revenue, which he attributes to using HiddenLevers.

“Prior to coming aboard, some of clients subscribed to the typical robo adviser, but, ultimately, they were looking for someone who could involve them in their decision making instead of the freemium black box machine. The HiddenLevers Scenarios Library instantly speaks to them, as it is both current and robust. Combined with the monthly WarRoom due diligence, our clients feel that they are sincerely part of the financial planning process.”

Using HiddenLevers Good, Bad, and Ugly scenario outcome helped show Hilario’s clients how their portfolios would react under certain market conditions in a visually appeasing way rather than the traditional charts and graphs or simply telling clients to “wait it out”.

“I believe real advisor intelligence must be communicated in real time instead of delivering yet another 100-plus page pdf as a substitute for real discourse. Give me one visual screen over a stacked pdf anyday.”

Hilpan Moxie Experiences an Increase in Productivity

Prior to becoming a HiddenLevers user, Hilario’s day included 3-4 hours performing rigorous work such as updating stock positions in Excel, revising Morningstar quants, and manually calculating risk metrics for historical crashes.

“I had a rigorous due diligence, which included old school data plotting with Excel then running them through Morningstar to measure the likes of coefficient variation, r squared, and quadrant mapping. HiddenLevers has been instrumental in my due diligence efforts, seamlessly reducing such time so that I can apply my efforts elsewhere,” said Hilario.

By routinely incorporating HiddenLevers in his due diligence, Don has been able to refocus that energy to other key client areas like loss of income (i.e. disability), loss of life (i.e life insurance), and long term care – components that can be overlooked and underfunded. “My client’s needs go beyond portfolio management and HiddenLevers allows me to provide comprehensive financial planning with intentionality which often gets lost in the traditional model of service” said Hilario.

“In the financial services industry it’s very easy to become overwhelmed with work and lose a healthy work life balance, but if you want to a fintech process that aligns with your lifestyle practice, I strongly encourage my fellow peers to learn about HiddenLevers. I can’t think of any other platform that’s more conducive to that.”