January 09, 2023

Article at Ashleigh on Authory

How to Breakthrough Procrastination

What would life be like for you if you could actually capture and save time in a bottle? I don’t know about you, but I wish I could. Unfortunately, we both know that there is no such thing as saving time. You can save a life, but time, time can only be spent. Think about it…we only get 24 hours each day, and every minute that passes is forever gone; there is no rewind or pause button on life. And while the idea of capturing time in a bottle may sound like a beautiful solution to getting things done, in reality only money, coupons and other tangibles can be saved and stocked away for later use.  

Many times we spend our time like we spend our money, and waste it on things that add no value to our lives. We spend time talking big, but rarely do we make that grand picture we’ve painted for everyone around us our reality. Instead, we waste time waiting for the fear holding us back to be replaced by miraculously bold courage. 

There is not enough time in the world for you to wait for the right time to be great! The key is not to look for ways to “save” time, but to find opportunities to spend it wisely. 

Here are a few ways you can become a master of making the most of the time you have: 

Practice the Habit of Taking Imperfect Action:  It is far better to take action even if it’s not perfect, than to not take any action at all waiting until you “find” the perfect moment. Waiting on perfection is as much of a waste as waiting on cows to jump over the moon, or seeing pigs fly. While working, always remember that progress can be more valuable than perfection, which only occurs when you take steps forward. For every step you take, the closer you will get to reaching your goals, and the clearer your path to success will become. 

Talk Back to Fear:  We all have those little voices in our head telling us what we can’t do. As well as, screaming all the things that can go wrong if we step out of our comfort zone. Know in your heart that these are lies. And, the next time that little “what if” starts hacking at your confidence, talk back and tell it “you’re a liar and that’s a lie!” Then begin to think, pray or meditate, and confirm to yourself all of the reasons it isn’t true. 

Use Your Critics as Motivation:  Dream killers don’t always live in our head, but they definitely attribute to wasting your time. I’m sure you’ve have realized that they often times take the form of friends and family that for one reason or another are not supportive of our ambitions. Don’t let their sour grapes get you stuck! Learn how to use negativity as fuel to move you forward and use their criticism as your motivation to turn those “you cant’s” into “I DID” 

Don’t Let Unexpected Detours Shake You:  Understand that when things happen that detour or even derail you, it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to give up. When life happens, sometimes you have to take it as a lesson learned! Use these times as teachable moments that strengthen your character and stamina. Look for the lesson, learn from it and keep moving. 

Time is a wonderful gift. Given enough of it, we can heal our wounds, make beautiful songs and create a legacy for generations to come. If you COULD save time in a bottle, would you treasure it as much as you do your money and other material things? It would be awesome to be able to go to the store and buy a bottle of minutes, a case of hours or even better…an unlimited minute plan for our lives. But unfortunately, we don’t live in a world like that. In the world we do live in, each second that passes is a moment lost. If we don’t spend it wisely, our lives become a blur of wasted opportunities. If you’ve been bottling up your dreams and potential, use these tips as inspiration and license to leverage your time to influence your success and that of others.