January 09, 2023

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Financial Journey Partners Uses HiddenLevers to Help Clients Reach New Heights

With risk tech now a staple tool in every advisor’s tool kit, advisors like Elaine Manley, Founder and Financial Advisor of Financial Journey Partners, a hybrid RIA with Mutual Advisors, needed a risk solution that made sense for her clients.

Familiar with the bigger risk software players, HiddenLevers immediately stood out to Elaine. “HiddenLevers was a hidden gem,” said Manley. “When I first started looking into risk tech over four years ago, HiddenLevers stood out because it helped advisors design client portfolios to match their risk.”

Designing Personalized Portfolios for Clients

By integrating HiddenLevers into its practice, Financial Journey Partners introduced clients to an inventive approach to risk. “The risk tolerance survey helps us learn more about our new clients,” said Scott Manley, Financial Advisor. “The survey is easy for clients to access and complete, and it helps us get a feel for them and their situation based on their risk.”

The HiddenLevers risk survey presents risk in clear-cut terms of upside and potential downside, helping clients understand and apply these terms in the context of their portfolio. “The risk tolerance survey helps explain risk in a way that is easy for clients to wrap their heads around,” said Elaine Manley. “Upside and potential downside are straight-forward concepts clients can apply when we start discussing what-if scenarios.”

Financial Journey Partners also leverages the flexibility of the risk survey by letting clients test how a different risk score might impact their portfolio. “Clients really enjoy playing with the survey and seeing what happens if I make a little tweak here and what would the impact of this be when we enter a more volatile period,” said Elaine.

Once a client establishes their risk tolerance baseline, the Financial Journey Partners team is able to design personalized portfolios consistent within the client’s risk boundaries without compromising their goals.

Identify New Opportunities for Your Clients through Every Stage of Life

“The risk tolerance survey helps us learn more about our new clients.” – Scott Manley

The flexibility of the HiddenLevers system allows advisors like Elaine and Scott to easily accommodate client goals as they move through different life stages and milestones.

“Recently one of our newer clients nearing retirement age had managed their 401K themselves when they realized they needed more help,” said Scott. “HiddenLevers helped our team design the right portfolio to give this client peace of mind. The client felt better knowing their investments are now managed appropriately.”

As market conditions change, Elaine and Scott Manley use HiddenLevers to anticipate not only future downside, but also identify upcoming opportunities.

“The great thing about HiddenLevers is we can better identify opportunities for clients when new situations arise like high volatility we saw in Q4 this year,” said Scott Manley.

“We can recalibrate a client’s portfolio and make sure their portfolio still matching their risk tolerance and make sure we design portfolios that are a good fit for them.” With its dynamic applications such as live stress testing, HiddenLevers helps advisors to anticipate market opportunities and create better portfolios for clients to help them reach their goals.

Helping Clients Think About the Future

Both Elaine and Scott Manley saw how HiddenLevers helped clients understand their portfolios through future events and not just on a past performance basis.

“Other systems do a great job on past performance, but they don’t give much insight into what could happen,” said Scott Manley. “That’s where HiddenLevers adds value because it’s future looking. There will always be those ‘what-if’ questions clients are really interested in, so with HiddenLevers we are able to show the client how things have gone and also help us in modeling and taking risk.”

With a robust scenario library with over 160+ outcomes, HiddenLevers presents forward-looking economic events with infographics and simple language to help clients digest risk and how it relates to them.

“The HiddenLevers research on different economic topics is one of the few tools that really helps us understand those what-ifs, which ultimately helps us bring those forward-looking insights to clients,” said Scott.