January 09, 2023

Article at Ashleigh on Authory

3 T’s to Time Abundance

Do you often find that time seems to elude you when it comes to getting things done? As I’ve often said before, we can’t save or make time, we can only spend it. Like money, we seem to spend and waste our time on things that add no value to our lives. We waste more time talking about our dreams, than taking the time to make them our reality. There is not enough time in the world for you to wait for the right moment to be great. So, I encourage you to guard your mindset when it comes to time, value every moment, and spend it wisely. 

Here are a few ways you can become a master of making the most of the time you have:  

TAKE Imperfect Action. 

It is far better to take action even if it’s not perfect, than to not take any action at all waiting until you “find” the perfect moment. Waiting on perfection is as much of a waste as waiting on cows to jump over the moon, or seeing pigs fly. While working, always remember that progress can be more valuable than perfection, which can only occur when you take steps forward. For every step you take, the closer you get to achieve your goals, and the clearer your path to success will become. 

TALK Back to Fear. 

We all have those little voices in our head telling us what we can and cannot do. This ends up being a major enemy of time and ultimately affects your ability to really get things done. These voices of doubt and fear tend to scream in our heads all the things that can go wrong if we move forward and step out of our comfort zones. However, the exact opposite is the reason we must forge ahead. The next time that little “what if” monster starts hacking at your confidence, talk back and tell it “I choose to believe the truth and that’s not it!” Then begin to think, pray, or meditate and affirm to yourself what it is you want and begin to take action.

TURN-around your Critic’s Comments. 

Dream killers don’t always live in our head, but they definitely attribute to wasting just as much time as our own self-doubt. I’m sure you’ve experienced that they often times take the form of friends and family that for one reason or another are not supportive of our ambitions. Don’t let their sour grapes get you stuck! Learn how to use negativity as fuel to move you forward and use their criticism as your motivation to turn those “you cant’s” into “I DID”!! 

Which of the three T’s have been a challenge for you in mastering your time and what will you commit to do differently?