January 09, 2023

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Avisen Securities Closes $5M Days After Using HiddenLevers Cash Flow Analysis

“It was unlike any other software we’d seen before,” said Avisen Chief Operating Officer Michelle Kessel-Harbart.

When Avisen first heard of HiddenLevers, the firm immediately saw the potential of using HiddenLevers to optimize its practice. Avisen was blown away by HiddenLevers core offerings such as stress testing and the Hello-to-Close workflow, but the Cash Flow Analysis feature was next level tech.

Watching the Cash Flow Analysis tool in action, Keseel-Harbart knew this feature could revolutionize Avisen’s practice. When the Avisen team put the tool to work, they successfully closed $5M of new AUM in just two meetings.

Cash Flows Brings in Cash Flow for Avisen

For Avisen there was no hesitation to become an early adopter of Cash Flow Analysis, one of the newest features from HiddenLevers. “The fact that HiddenLevers constantly improves the software is great – there’s always new functionalities. This is not stale software,” said Kessel-Harbart.

Avisen saw Cash Flow Analysis as a tool that could be tailored to its clients’ need for a “light financial plan” rather than a full-blown financial plan. “We tried to use Excel to illustrate cash flows…, but hands down the visual element of the HiddenLevers Cash Flow tool was more compelling and provided better reassurance.”

With the HiddenLevers Cash Flow Analysis, Avisen was able to represent cash flows in a way that resonated with clients and prospects. “Using the HiddenLevers Cash Flow Analysis you can show a client or prospect what happens if X scenario occurs and change assumptions on the fly. It’s really powerful,” said Kessel-Harbart.

With its powerful visuals and dynamic interface, Avisen was able to quickly win over prospects with Cash Flow Analysis. The HiddenLevers Cash Flow Analysis was an integral part of the Avisen’s success in winning $5M of new business in a matter of days.

Avisen Optimizes Daily Practice with HiddenLevers

Even before Avisen started winning big with Cash Flow Analysis, the firm optimized its daily practice with the HiddenLevers Hello-to-Close Workflow. By using the Hello-to-Close Workflow in client meetings, Avisen advisors are able to breakdown risk tolerance and portfolio recommendations in a way clients could easily digest. “HiddenLevers is very advisor friendly and very client friendly, while with other tech its either one or the other,” said Kessel-Harbart.

HiddenLevers scenario-based stress testing is another feature Avisen adopted as part of its client-facing meetings. With the ability to conduct both high-level and detailed scenario analysis, Avisen advisors are able to provide a comprehensive analysis to clients. “Our older advisors understand market performance, and they know how to explain this in a qualitative way. But HiddenLevers helps us explain the market in a quantitative way, and this dual perspective helps us create trust and value to our clients.”

With fresh features like Cash Flow Analysis and client-friendly facing tools like the Hello-to-Close workflow, Avisen stays ahead of the tech curb to grow client relationships and build new business.