May 09, 2022

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Top Fashion Photographers of All Times

Fashion is the most changeable thing and at the same time it is the most regular. Every year brings us new fashion trends, but every decade brings back the trends of the previous years and makes them popular again. Fashion photography covers the fashion world and all the changes that take place in it. When you browse the portfolios of the most famous photographers you can observe the chronology of design trends and find out their peculiar features. On the other hand, the works of some well-known photographers influence the design trends in the sphere of world fashion greatly. The style of each famous photographer is unique and can’t be mixed up with anyone’s else style. This post features the most effective and well-known fashion photographers of all times (from my point of view). Of course, you can argue the choice and the list of photographers, but in any case all of them are undoubtedly great.

Mario Testino

We see all the modern celebrities through his camera. The covers of the most well-known magazines feature his works. It is impossible to find the famous person who is not presented in his portfolio.

Helmut Newton

Who haven’t heard about Helmut Newton? “Prince of Porn”, “King of Kink”, “The First” – the list of epithets that are used when we speak about him is endless. We can talk for a long time about him, but words are useless when we look at his magnetizing works…

Richard Avedon

He was the one who brought emotions in the world of fashion photography. You can easily notice that his works are vibrant, they capture the personality and soul of the models, their characters and emotions. Great photographer with huge creative potential!

Annie Leibovitz

Of course, you remember her portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, but it is not the only work she is famous for. For many years she is known as the successful photographer of celebrities. Provocative, memorable, bright – all her works are worth attention.

Albert Watson

His success in the fashion and commercial photography is undoubtful. His portfolio features the most effective reflection of the modern era – the iconic celebrities. Speaking about his style, it can be defined as the well-done mixture of various genres.

Irving Penn

He knew everything about celebrities. His works could tell a lot about a person depicted in it. His later fashion works are noticeable for the much attention given to the accessories and the clothes of the models.

Steven Klein

His art goes beyond acceptable boundaries of imagination. Once seen, his fashion shots can’t be forgotten and that’s the reason for his success in the commercial photography.

Bruce Weber

He is the master of presenting the male models. It is hard to find another photographer, who presents the beauty of youth and amazing male nude so expressively.

Her works are full of sensitivity, eroticism and feminity. Her art praises the female beauty, the beauty that will never fade out in her wonderful artworks.

Besides fashion photography there are many other spheres where talanted people turn their creative skills in profits, because photography business is in a hype these days.

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