December 19, 2019

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Pie is Pornhub's most popular Android OS

Pie is Pornhub's most popular Android OS
Your porn sherpas.

WHEN WE FIND OURSELVES in times of trouble, we turn to our creature comforts. In our case, that's the 2019 Pornhub insights page. Hey, don't yuck our yum.

We thought we'd successfully drilled out every last nugget of tech-related gold last time around, but it turns out we missed something. In the Venn diagram of our interests, the crossover between internet grumble and operating system versions really is a direct hit for us, and there are some great insights buried in there.

It turns out that Pie is the most popular mobile OS on Android, with 48 per cent of mobile smut connoisseurs using it. The latest version - Android 10 - is used by just two per cent of filth fans.

If you're doing the maths here, you'll notice that means that half of all Android Pornhub visitors are using an OS that's over two years old. It's just a good thing that nobody ever considered putting malware in porn, really. Oh, wait, the opposite.

Oreo is the next most popular Android OS with 23 per cent, then Nougat on 12 and Marshmallow on eight. Lollipop is next with five per cent, and both Jelly Bean and KitKat bump along the bottom with one per cent.

By contrast, iOS-based lovers of mucky movies are far more up to date, with 71 per cent of grot watchers running iOS 13. Given 24 per cent are on iOS 12, that leaves just five per cent of Apple's mobile masturbators running seriously outdated software.

So what can we learn from that? Well, nothing we don't already know: Apple is just far better at distributing the latest version of its software, largely because it's the only company that makes iPhones. With pretty much every other smartphone manufacturer in the world using Android, that market was always going to get pretty fragmented.

Still, thanks for the insights, Pornhub. We love your articles - that's literally the only reason why the URL autofills when you boot up our Chrome. µ