December 11, 2019

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A fully souped-up Mac Pro will set you back over £48,000

A fully souped-up Mac Pro will set you back over £48,000
Suddenly the base model feels like a bargain.

DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED to spend all its 2019 budget in a hurry? Apple has its own version of Brewster's Millions where you can burn through said budget in seconds by upgrading the brand new cheese grater-inspired Mac Pro with a whole lot of ludicrously over-the-top add-ons.

First off, Apple has taken one look at currency conversion charts, before binning them and deciding that something closer to $1=£1 is just easier for everyone. That means while the base-level Mac Pro will cost $5,999 (~£4,575) on the other side of the Atlantic, over here you're looking at an initial outlay of £5,499.

"Chump change," we hear you cry. Alright, moneybags, let's start upgrading.

Why settle for an eight-core processor when you can have 28? Twenty-eight is definitely a bigger number than eight, so let's add to that an outlay of £6,300. Bargain.

Speaking of bargains, who could turn down the chance to up that measly 32GB RAM to 1.5TB for just £22,500? Not us, that's for sure. Add it to the bill, Tim.

This Radeon Pro 580X displeases us! Swap it out for two Radeon Pro Vega Duo cards for £9,720. And while you're there, we're going to need lots more disk space for all our Jobs/Wozniak fanfic, so best pop in a 4TB SSD for £1,260. An Afterburner card for £1,800? Why, it'd be rude not to at that price!

Once you're throwing this kind of money around, it only makes sense to pop in a Magic Trackpad 2 (+£149) and a copy of Final Pro X. We haven't seen the first nine Final Pro movies, but it must be good if Apple wants £299.99 for it. Oh, and Logic Pro X for £199.99, why not? Marvelously, Apple lets you swap out the regular feet for wheels for just £360 too, so we're definitely doing that to ride around the office on.

So what's the full damage? £48,087.98. Huh.

Of course, you could save eight grand by buying this ludicrous setup in America, where it comes to $53,247.98 - or around £40,590. Just make sure you pay $400 for the wheels to make it that bit easier to push through airport security. µ

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