March 01, 2023

Article at Adamantine Energy

Energizing the Industry to Decarbonize with Nick Dell’Osso

For Chesapeake Energy President and CEO Nick Dell’Osso, reducing the carbon footprint of U.S. natural gas is as mission-critical as meeting energy demand. This week on the Real Decarbonization podcast, Nick shares with me how this dual imperative energizes Chesapeake’s employees to meet the challenges ahead.

A few of Nick’s insights

On ESG’s direction of travel: “Any period of extremes creates an opportunity, and the opportunity in front of us today is demonstrating a consistent approach to handling our environmental footprint. This approach focuses on the relationship between risk-adjusted returns and ESG factors.”

On collaborating on emissions-reduction projects: “We have to do this together; we need the whole industry to have an approach to emissions that reduces the footprint and leads to a better outcome.”

On selling differentiated natural gas: “We have to make sure the ultimate consumers have confidence that their energy has been created with as low a carbon footprint as possible—and still gives them security and affordability. Natural gas is the best answer, but it is incumbent on us to continue to improve every day.”

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