November 30, 2022

Article at Adamantine Energy

The Real Decarbonization Hive Mind with Armond Cohen

I’m always seeking a worthy opponent in the quest to challenge my thinking about the energy future. That’s why I’m welcoming Armond Cohen, president and co-founder of the Clean Air Task Force, to this week’s episode of the Real Decarbonization podcast.

We in the industry often challenge our eNGO critics to be pragmatic about technology and the energy future. In this episode, you’ll find Armond to be very pragmatic, impressively geeky, and also deeply aspirational. He’s delightfully intelligent and optimistic about how we will use what he calls our "hive mind" to overcome the steep challenges we face in reaching the future we all want.

A few of Armond’s insights

On what decarbonization strategies are missing: "What I have yet to see is a commitment to thinking about the zero-carbon-product world that people might live in. That's what I’ve searched for in vain. What comes out of these reports and plans is more incremental thinking, which is fine, but it would be nice to have a destination."

On realizing our decarbonization ambitions: "Technology can move fast. If you think in terms of multiple decades and don't fixate on whether we're going to hit the 2050 target but whether we're in a strong direction of travel, you can get pretty optimistic."

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Cheers to the hive mind!