Jul 15, 2018
Published on: Linkedin
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Returning to college is always an adventure, no matter why you decide to do so. Maybe you just want to get the dang degree already, or maybe your search for more satisfactory employment has been unfruitful (as in my case). Regardless, I think you'll ultimately find it worth the effort.

When I first ventured into the world of college, I was listening to some of the conventional wisdom of the time and took a business pathway. Little did I know that this wouldn't truly benefit me in the long run, without going through the long slog of business courses all the way through to an MBA. Well, when you're not a math wiz, coursework that involves accounting isn't a good match.

In the meantime, I had employment that maybe wasn't where I wanted to be income-wise, but allowed me the flexibility to handle PT caregiving responsibilities and work on trying to build a business. When I did decide to go back to college in 2016 to take a different course of study, I was in for an interesting experience.

As a freelancer who does mostly ghostwriting, I've discovered that some of the prime positions require journalism, communications, English, or similar degrees. When I returned in 2017 with an intention of getting one of these degrees, I decided that keeping my thinking within one box wasn't a good idea.

I'm glad I took this perspective, because I developed a whole new appreciation for sociology, which I think will benefit me in any additional employment I need to supplement my business. You never know where an academic decision might take you, and I think an open mind helps.