Sep 5, 2018
Published on: Linkedin
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A lot of people debate both the merits and major disadvantages of working from home. However, one thing that often doesn't come up in that debate is that the individual freelancer can be either their own most valuable tool or their own worst enemy. Here's a little more about what I mean:

Avoid the Temptation to Make Your Workspace Mobile All the Time

Yes, we all know how great having a laptop is and the features that new ones offer. However, making your workspace mobile at all times can send the message to household members that your work requires no real attention. Speaking from experience - be prepared to get interrupted A LOT if you do this all the time.

Have a Dedicated Workspace

One of the best ways to minimize distractions and interruptions is to have a dedicated workspace outside of both your bedroom (to avoid disrupted sleep) and your main living area (to avoid TV and mealtime interruptions). Without the distractions, you can focus on getting work done without having to rush through because someone's about to turn the news on. Another useful tip from personal experience: deadline or not, your current project is probably not SO IMPORTANT that you can't take a few minutes away to prepare food or eat a meal without having to move your laptop into the kitchen/dining room - better time organization is key here.

Separate Your Work Time and TV Time

As tempting is it might be to finalize your latest webdev project while catching up on your latest bingeworthy show, don't give in. There's a much greater chance that you'll make serious mistakes if you're focused on the TV at the same time. Consider wrapping up your work for the day before turning the TV on.

Minimize the "Hey, Come See This" Distractions

If you've ever worked at home, you probably know what I mean, especially if you have family members who don't get what's involved. Everyone in your house needs to understand that you need to have such things as uninterrupted work times. Videos and similar content on social media are shareable so they can be viewed later for a reason!

Cut Back on Social Media During Work Hours

If your time doing non-work related social media activities occupies almost as much time as your work schedule, sorting out your priorities might be in order. There's always a lot going on in our feeds, and it's easy to get caught up in it all before you know how much time's passed. Consider disabling your desktop/mobile notifications, opting out of getting notifications EVERY TIME a chatty friend posts, and cutting back on which groups you receive notifications from for a less time-consuming experience.

If you've decided these and similar methods are good for your productivity, STICK TO THEM!